Correction in CNIC

How to make correction in CNIC using legal ways with the help of Pakistan’s Top Law Firm Chheena Law Firm.

Every Pakistani lawfully has right to possess a Computerized National Identification Card (CNIC) with correct information. Incorrect date of birth, incorrect name, parentage can be problem for any citizen in student or professional life. These changes can be made by NADRA through court case. Chheena Law Firm helps its client to gain correct record on CNIC in very few days.

This article is a guide for the residents about changing records in NADRA and how to address or change the date of birth in the CNIC and Birth declaration. The strategy is something very similar to change your name or father’s name in NADRA CNIC. If your date of Birth on CNIC is wrong, feel free to contact me at +92-301-4662834 or leave a comment for help.

Statement of possible Problem

More often than not when you apply for NADRA CNIC, they accidentally notice some unacceptable date of birth. For Example, in the event that somebody brought into the world on first of July 1992 however NADRA entered 22th August 1993. That where the issue emerges. Another situation is the place where your dad’s name is wrongly entered. You need to move toward the session court and get an assertion order for the remedy of record in NADRA with the help of Chheena Law Firm.

Here is the list of document required to Change Date of Birth on CNIC.

 While filing a suit of declaration to correct date of birth in NADRA CNIC you must have the following documents in your possession.

1. Birth Certificate of NADRA

2. Matriculation Degree


4. Father’s CNIC (in case father name change needed)

5. Union council birth registration certificate 


NADRA name change procedure falls under the category of declaratory suits.  The limitation of filing a suit of declaration is six years by the provisions of the following laws;

1. Section 42 of The Specific Relief Act, 1877

2. Article 120 of The Limitation Act,1908.

 2015 MLD 1481 also held that to change the date of birth, the plaintiff has 6 years to commence legal proceedings in court.

Procedure at NADRA Office

The residents approach the NADRA office to change the date of birth and requested to bring a sworn statement swearing that the first date of birth in the NADRA record is wrongly entered. And still, at the end of the day NADRA won’t right the date of birth and will advise you to get a court presentation order. That is the reason don’t burn through your time and document a suit to address the date of birth in CNIC NADRA.

Suit Procedure

The correct method is that you need to record a plaint in common court. This plant contains the real factors that you were brought into the world on that date. The date in association board birth declaration, NADRA Form B, and registration degree. You need to append these reports to reinforce your case. The method is something similar to change your name or father’s name in NADRA CNIC. 

Court Procedure for notices

At the point when you will present your case in court, they will give summons to NADRA to show up on the following date and present their composed assertion.

On the following date when counsel from NADRA shows up under the steady gaze of the court and present an answer. The court will again give you the following date on which NADRA direction will analyze and question the offended party.

 Evidence required in the Court Proceedings

At the time of cross-examination, you must have all your documents with you.

When the cross-examined is over the court will pronounce its judgment. The court will also give direction to the NADRA authority to change the date of birth of the plaintiff.

Court Order to change Date of Birth in NADRA

The court methodology requires up to 3 or 4 months and you will get the Court Order of changing the NADRA record.

Deferral in documenting announcement suit and intersection restriction

Postponement in documenting an application for revision of an office error couldn’t confine the privilege of residents of remedying the NADRA information based on the CNIC. Free legitimate guide helpline is a 24-hour replying mail in a lawful crisis. Group Nadeem Yousaf Chheena Advocate will get the call rapidly and return it instantly. Kindly don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for a free beginning meeting.