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Chheena law firm helps with cases related to Divorce and Khula, Divorce effectiveness certificate, Divorce and Khula for overseas Pakistanis and with cases related to International Divorces. At the point when a couple can’t live together with pleasure inside the cutoff points recommended by Almighty Allah then they can break up their marriage through divorce or khula. The spouse can articulate divorce and wife can record a suit for disintegration of marriage and can likewise articulate Talaq, if such right has been given upon her. Each divorce or khula case has its own realities, conditions, downsides, difficulties and arrangements.

At CHHEENA LAW FIRM you will discover the assistance, help and consideration to achieve the change you need as indicated by the Family Laws of Pakistan.

Possible ways of marriage dissolution in Pakistan.

Marriage can be dissolved in two ways:

  • Divorce by the husband at his will without the intervention of a court commonly called a “Talaq”; by mutual consent of the husband and wife.

  • By a judicial decree at the instance of the court and by the wife in exercise of a contractual right of divorce(Khula).

Khula definition according to Marriage law of Pakistan

Khula is the privilege of a spouse in Islam to look for disintegration of marriage from her husband through mediation of the court. A lady looks for a “khula” while a man gives a “Talaq”.

Reasons acceptable in court for “Khula” according to Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act

  • Whereabouts of the husband not known for four years.

  • Husband has sentenced to imprisonment for a period of seven years or upwards.

  • Husband failed to perform marital obligations for a period of three years.

  • Husband was impotent at the time of marriage.

  • He Leads an infamous life.

  • Husband treats with cruelty.

  • Husband has neglected or failed to provide maintenance.

  • Husband has been insane for two years.

  • She was married when she was minor.

  • He forces her for immoral life.

  • Incurable form of leprosy or Venereal disease.

  • Husband Disposes of her property.

  • Obstructs her in observance of her religious practice.

  • Also, if she cannot live with the husband within the limitation imposed by the Almighty Allah and many more under Muslim Law.


With the help of Chheena Law Firm’s team of Divorce Lawyers, a wife can file a suit in court for dissolution of her marriage and court may send notice to the husband. If the husband fails to appear after the due process of posting and publication, the court can proceed with the case ex-parte and pass a decree. In a case where the husband or his representative appear, he is required to file a written statement following which the court has to fix a date for pre-trial proceedings for reconciliation. If reconciliation fails court will pass decree for dissolution of marriage.


Wife can divorce; if so, delegated in the Nikahnama (marriage contract form) the said right is called Talak-e-Tafweez (delegated powers of divorce).

Wife rights over property after divorce.

The bridal gifts given to wife in dowry/jahaiz are the exclusive property of wife during or after the marriage. Upon dissolution of marriage wife is also entitled to claim deferred dower and maintenance during the period of Iddat.

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