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Chheena Law Firm Drugs Lawyer offer legitimate types of assistance in Drugs related charges and related law matters in CNS, special court, ANF, session courts and High Courts. Chheena Law Firm arrangements with all criminal dealings related to drugs. Cases or charges related to drugs cases in Pakistan may include Production of drugs cases, suspected of drug offences related to drugs class A cases, drugs class B cases or Class C drug cases and possession of drugs for supply. Possible evidences used in drugs related cases are cell phone contact between accused, observation through surveillance, drugs bags, scales seized, movement and cell sites record, forensic DNA evidence, cash seized, drugs seized. Chheena law firm to date has dealt with a bulk of drug related cases in Pakistan. Chheena law firm is best drug dealing cases law firm of Pakistan. You are advised to contact us if any narcotics related charges are leveled against you. Chheena Law Firm also deals with Bail matters related to drug cases in Pakistan, appeal against sentence and conviction in drugs related cases in Pakistan.

Procedure in drugs related cases involves following steps: Surveillance Observations, Arresting with evidence, Remand of the guilt, Investigation report and framing charges, Providing Prosecution Evidence in the court, FSL Report submission, Statement record Evidence closing, Defense evidences, Cr.P.C., Closing of defense evidences and final judgment.

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