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The legal assistance and support provided to indigent litigants for accessing the mainstream legal system is called Legal Aid. Chheena Law Firm is top law firm of Punjab and definitely one of the biggest in Pakistan. Legal aid is provided free of cost by our lawyers under organizational capacity. As most of the population in Pakistan is poor and have no access to even file a case due to finance and social pressure by the mighty people to discourage this factor, we are just a phone call away from you to help you throughout the case.

Free legal aid under the law of PAKISTAN

  • Inexpensive and expeditious justice. Article 37 (d) OF 1973.

  • Equality before the law. Article 25, 1973

  • Right of "access to justice to all" is a well-recognized inviolable right enshrined in Article 9 of the Constitution and is equally found in the doctrine of "due process of law.” “Sh. Riaz-ul-Haq v. Federation of Pakistan” (PLD 2013 Supreme Court 501).

  • Pakistan Bar Council Free Legal Aid Committees Rules, 1999.

  • The Public Defenders & Free Legal Aid Ordinance, 2009

When to contact us

  • To get information about any legal matter in Pakistan.

  • To get free legal assistance in Pakistan.

  • To get free legal representation in any court of Pakistan.

  • To get free legal consultation in Pakistan.

  • Due process in prisons primarily for women and juveniles

  • Religious minorities

  • Those convicted of death penalty

  • Bonded laborers

  • Where there is a violation of human rights by the state or non- state actors

  • To women in obtaining their rights under family law

  • To women and children, and other victims of the abuse of due process


In 2019

  • Free legal representations in 196 cases

  • Free legal consultations to 1427 individuals

  • Helpline consultations to 1652 individuals

In 2020

  • Free legal representations in 279 cases

  • Free legal consultations to 2342 individuals

  • Helpline consultations to 2954 individuals

In 2021

  • Free legal representations in 321 cases

  • Free legal consultations to 2898 individuals

  • Helpline consultations to 3813 individuals

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