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  • Dishonored Cheque recoveries
  • Environmental Law
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  • General and Special Power of Attorney
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  • Recovery of Money
  • Service Matters
  • Stay Orders
  • Recovery of Possession of Properties

You are at right place where you find information about civil rights in Pakistan. Our committed team of professional civil lawyers is here to protect the rights of our clients in Lahore, Faisalabad, Sheikhupura, and Jandiala-Sher-Khan, Pakistan.

If someone is party to a civil case, then he/she requires a Civil Law Lawyer to reply to his case. A civil lawyer is quite beneficial for you even if you are not facing the civil trial, even then you are creating Partnership, Contract, Title, Lease, or Mortgage. A civil lawyer shall advise you about your legal rights and obligations to save your funds, time and future litigation. A civil lawyer is also beneficial for Businessman. With his timely advice, He can reduce the cost of Civil law suits against his business. Chheena law firm is leading law firm of civil law Services to People, Commercial companies, unions, Local and Government bodies. Our firm provides services in Civil, Criminal, Labour and family in particular.

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