Property Matters


Disputes related to Property are frequently filed in the Court of Law to redress the grievances. If you are trying to purchase a Domestic, Commercial or any other Property, you may take careful measures to stay away from being a sufferer of Fraud. When you are going to Buy or Sell a Property, you may consult our Civil/Property Lawyers team of Chheena Law Firm in Lahore, Sheikhupura and Faisalabad, They save you from every kind of fraud and upcoming disputes or claim about such Property.

Often when any fraud with relation to the property rises, there are two possible remedies for the Aggrieved Party; Civil Remedy and Criminal remedy. Such parties try to first get Criminal remedy to make pressure but if the Accused is granted bail by the court of Law then aggrieved parties lose their hearts and think that all went in vain. Granting of Bail is not everything; it is a relief on temporary bases. The party of Aggrieved from the Fraud is mightily suggested to fight the trial at that time and file a civil suit of recovery of the performance of contract (Property or Amount Paid). Now the higher Courts of Law settle the principal that Civil and Criminal proceedings initiate alongside. Accused shall be punished in trial and in civil suit to get the Performance of Contract or to gain the amount paid to the Accused.



If you are facing any Stay order or temporary or permanent injunction about any property you may Contact the Special team of (Chheena law Firm) Property Lawyers in Lahore, Pakistan. Chheena Law Firm’s Property Lawyers team is the best for property cases in Lahore, Pakistan. Associates’ at Chheena Law firm can be hired for all legal issues related to the property.

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  • Disputes of Tenant/Landlord
  • Property Sales, Purchase or Exchange
  • Property Distribution
  • Agreement drafting and issuance on non-judicial stamp papers
  • Application for Registration of FIR relating to property disputes
  • Boundary Wall / Boundary Limit Disputes
  • Tenant Eviction
  • Stay or interim injunction on Property
  • Recovery of rent from tenant
  • Inheritance matters
  • Recovery possession when Illegally dispossessed
  • Specific Performance of contract Claiming Possession of Property
  • Cases for Damages and Compensation
  • Challenging Fake Registries / Documentation Claims
  • Verifying Ownership of Land
  • Assisting Overseas Pakistanis with their Court Cases in Pakistan
  • Assisting Clients with buying land from Actual Owners
  • Mortgage Matters
  • Property Title related disputes



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