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Child Custody

Child custody emerges as a consuming issue after each divorce in Pakistan, which makes the two parents think about child custody laws of Pakistan.

Court Marriage

Court marriage is true wedlock for a man and a lady whereby they become life accomplices solemnized before the magistrate or nikkah registrar.

Cyber Crime

Chheena law company deal in all varieties of criminal casess. Cyber Crime Act 2016 brought and ordinarily public no longer aware of Cyber Crimes laws.

Drug Crime

Chheena Law Firm Drugs Lawyer offer legitimate types of assistance in Drugs related charges and related law matters in CNS.

Legal Notice

Concept of legal notice explains a requirement in which both parties know the legal process in effect and its obligations and rights.

Property Matter

Disputes related to Property are frequently filed in the Court of Law to redress the grievances. If you are trying to purchase a Domestic, Commercial or any other Property

Case Results

Chheena Law Firm Emerging as Pakistan’s best lawyer platform, has made their name to the top with successful handling of hundreds of cases related to civil law, criminal law, family law and cyber law. Chheena Law firm is a group of Pakistan’s top lawyers from Lawyers association of Pakistan, Punjab Bar, KPK Bar, Sindh Bar, Balochistan Bar and Azad Kashmir Bar. Our lawyers of Chheena law firm are expert in dealing cases associated with property, family law, divorce, child custody, marriage, tax, immigration, copyright, banking, finance, corporate, commercial, custom and many more.

Car Accident Case Settlement
Home Insurance Settlement
Personal Injury Settlement
Labor Duispute Case Settlement
Labor Duispute Case Settlement
Intellectual Property Settlement
Intellectual Property Settlement
Divorce Case Settlement

Our Team of Attorneys

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Nadeem Yousaf Chheena

He is of enormous reputation and outstanding career as lawyer. He is not only the top lawyer of the Lahore High Court but also a winner of hearts standing for poor with no fee.

Sayd Alamdar Hussain

Advocate High Court
He has the expertise over the matters related to Civil & Family and Matrimonial Disputes.

Sidra Rana

Advocate High Court
She has the expertise over Family and Matrimonial Disputes.

Syed Shah Kamal

Advocate High Court
He has the wide expertise over the matters Banking, Family and Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Ch. Maratib Ali Bhullar

Advocate High Court
He has the expertise over the matters related to Civil & Family and Matrimonial Disputes.

Why Choose Us

Chheena Law Firm is Pakistan’s top law firm with its attachment in almost all Pakistan the district bar Associations, High courts and in Supreme Court of Pakistan. At Chheena law firm Pakistan’s top lawyers are to assists you at Lahore high court, Peshawar High Court, Sindh High Court and Quetta High court.

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    I say many many thanks to Chheena Law Firm and for helping me with zeal and zest in my family matter.I highly recommend this firm for family cases.


    We have engaged the services of Chheena Law Firm and found them truly professional lawyers and very honest indeed. Highly Recommended.


    I really wanna say thanks to Chheena Law Firm for making it possible for me to stand-up for my rights. He took the charge on all major and minor matters of my case and fought strenuously for two years and got me won my case maintenance case .


    ”A reputed Law Firm in town Highly recommended for Civil Matters”


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