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Chheena Laws Firm has made their name to the top with successful handling of hundreds of cases related to civil law, criminal law, family law and cyber law. 


Chheena Law firm is a group of Pakistan’s top lawyers from Lawyers association of Pakistan, Punjab Bar, KPK Bar, Sindh Bar, Balochistan Bar and Azad Kashmir Bar. Our lawyers of Chheena law firm are expert in dealing cases associated with property, family law, divorce, child custody, marriage, tax, immigration, copyright, banking, finance, corporate, commercial, custom and many more.

Faisalabad, Islamabad, Sheikhpura

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Chheena Law Firm

Chheena Law Firm is Pakistan’s top law firm with its attachment in almost all of Pakistan’s district bar councils, provincial high courts and in Supreme court of Pakistan. At Chheena law firm, Pakistan’s top lawyers are at hand to assist you at Lahore high court, Peshawar High Court, Sindh High Court and Quetta High court. Chhenna law firm is one of the most trusted team of family lawyers to assist you with your rights. Chheena law firm rose to one of the best law firms in few years. Chheena law firm is Punjab’s top ranked law firm and is one call away. Our lawyers assists, guides and then fights for you. Chheena law firm is providing world top lawyers to deal with all your cases from Marriage cases to khula cases, child custody cases, finance cases to taxation cases,  corporate cases to commercial properties cases and from nationality cases to immigrations cases. Chheena law firm is not the name you are hearing first time, our lawyers work speaks for it.

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Civil Litigation in District Court, High/Provincial Courts and Supreme Court..


Chheena Law Firm can be contacted for following cases to hire best Criminal Defense ..


Chheena Law firm presenting provides protection associated with Cyber Crime matters..


Family law is the branch of civil law that deals with marriage-disputes, Divorce and Dower..

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Legal aid is provided free of cost by ourlawyersunder organizational capacity..


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